ABOUT ME/ Sobre mí

I am a cider lover. A REAL cider lover.

And I want to spread the word about the unique essence of Asturian cider. This blog is also aimed to show international events and allow other people to know about cider culture worldwide. 

Hand up with the green bottle, hand down with the wide glass… and start enjoying!!

Soy una amante de la sidra. Una AUTÉNTICA amante de la sidra.

Y quiero correr la voz sobre la esencia única de la sidra asturiana. Este blog también está enfocado a dar a conocer eventos internacionales y permitir que otra gente conozca el papel de la sidra asturiana a lo largo y ancho del mundo.

Botella verde arriba, vaso ancho abajo… y ¡empecemos a disfrutar!

Contact: ciderayalga@gmail.com

NEW ASTURIAN CIDER AWARDS/ Nuevos premios para las sidras asturianas

GLINTCAP 2021 In the 15th annual Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, celebrated from 28th to 30th July in Michigan (USA), these were the Asturian cider awards: GOLD MEDALS:⦁ Natural Cider M. Busto, Mayador (Best in Class, Natural Cider)⦁ 1898, El Gaitero (Ice Cider)SILVER MEDALS:⦁ Pomarina Brut, El Gaitero (Heritage Cider, Dry)⦁ Spring Cider…

UNRACKED CIDERS/ Sidras sin trasegar

Unracked ciders are bottled on their lees. These are early, much cloudier and raw looking ciders, which follow the traditional cidermaking. They are usually released in May and produced as a limited edition which lasts for about three months,Today, these full-flavoured ciders have become a trend and several cider mills produce their own.Well balanced and…

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Son Ar Chistr (Chanson du Cidre)