THE ASTURIAN CIDER BOTTLE/ La botella de sidra asturiana

We have been drinking cider for over 2,000 years, but when did the bottle of cider as we know it start to be used?Ethnographer Inaciu Hevia Llavona, author of reference about cider and traditional cidermills and awarded in 2012 with the prize Fierro Botas for his essay “La Botella de Xixon. Orígenes y desendolcu hestóricu…

GIJON CIDER FESTIVAL ’20 / Fiesta de la Sidra de Gijón ’20

The capital city of the Spanish Green Coast has just celebrated their XXVIV edition of the Natural Cider Festival in an atypical way, due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Thus, some of the major activities, such as the XXVII Official Pouring Contest or the Best Cider Award, known as “Golden Praise”, have been held in camera….