«BEST BLOG OF THE DAY» AWARD/ Premio al «Mejor Blog del Día»

Ciderayalga.com has recently been awarded as Best Blog of the Day… and I’m extremely proud of it!! 😀

Here you can read my interview:

Why did you decide to start this blog?

The idea came about time ago, but I didn’t take the plunge, with my family support, until late last year. I’ve been teaching English for nearly three decades, so it wasn’t hard for me to start a bilingual blog which brought cider culture to as many people as possible.

What is the aim of the blog?

The shaping of this blog has two main targets:

  • Making the deep-rooted cider tradition in Asturias known beyond our borders. And when I say borders, I mean not only Spain, but outside Asturias as well. The same way the wine world has a wide coverage in our country, I reckon cider should receive the recognition it currently lacks.
  • Promoting knowledge of cider from the rest of the world in our country. Especially in Asturias, where many people thinks of cider as “of our own”, ignoring that this ancient drink is produced in almost every country. They are right in some sense, as Asturian cider is unique both in making and way of pouring.

Is there any remarkable experience or anecdote as a blogger?

I think the most significant experience is having participated in the local TV programme “Mundu sidreru” (“Cider world”) as a cider blogger.

What are your blog expectations for the future?

My greatest satisfaction would be to achieve people not only get curious, but passionate about cider. For this reason, I’ll keep on raising awareness about everything concerning this world: not only one-off events and contests, but also general information about cider production worldwide.

What is the person behind this blog like?

A humble person who enjoys learning about this fascinating world every day, as much as making it known.

What would you tell bloggers who are just beginning?

They should know it takes a long time to get informed before releasing an entry. As well as creating a vibrant, appealing blog. But, most of all, they must have a passion they want to pass on to others.

Ciderayalga.com ha sido premiado recientemente como Mejor Blog del Día… y me siento verdaderamente orgullosa de ello!! 😀

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